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Tackling the extinction crisis one wall at a time

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50% of the planet’s species could become extinct by 2050

This spans many thousands of species, including bees. The extinction crisis is hands down one of the most important issues of our generation. It is time for humanity to come together, stop the extinction crisis in its tracks, and help our planet thrive.

The time is now

The Art of Beeing is a mural painting tour of the USA

I will paint over 20 murals of species under threat in 12 cities across nine states in just two months.

The issue

With dozens of species becoming extinct every day, many scientists believe up to 50% of species are heading towards extinction by 2050. Over 12,000 animal species are currently considered threatened across the world.

The USA boasts one of the most diverse displays of nature, whether in the desert, forest or swamp. Each ecosystem hosts its very own unique species that depend on the environment. But, within these ecosystems are some of the worlds most endangered species. As human pressure on the natural environment increases, the problem is only escalating.

With nearly one in four mammals under threat in the USA, from the gray wolf to the manatee, ‘The Art of Beeing’ highlights local species at risk and the urgent need to act on climate change and the environment. I’m focusing on bees in particular because they’re crucial to the survival of ecosystems and species.

For this trend to reverse, humans must re-evaluate nature and put species protection at the heart of society at every level; from policy to business, communities and individuals.

‘The Art of Beeing’ is calling for individuals to unite, much like bees, to put nature first.

The true ‘Art of Beeing’ is humanity coming together to restore the planet.

The time to end extinction is now.

The Tour Route

Louis Masai - Art of Beeing map

The murals

I’m painting toys because if we don’t act now to stop extinction, only toys will remain in place of animals.

Patchworks are of particular relevance because they were traditionally passed down families by women. I am leaving my patchwork paintings on walls as memories for the children of tomorrow. The bees in this series can be found stitching up the toys because they are the planets’ warriors, they are keeping the planet stitched together. Sadly, bees are under immense threat in the United States.

Permission for painting will be obtained at all times with the upmost respect for sponsors and the communities in which we paint.

The film

The Art of Beeing tour will be captured by London based film team Where’s Kong.

Each week we’ll be producing a six minute short online film, posted here. These will begin a fortnight into the tour and conclude a fortnight after our return to the UK.

Throughout the tour the bees below will become mural images with information on species and how to act

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New York

New England Cottontail Rabbit

New York

Bog Turtle

New York



Gray wolf


Lahontan Cutthroat Trout


Coho Salmon

San Francisco

island fox

Shasta Crayfish

Los Angeles

Shasta Crayfish

Los Angeles

Yellow Legged Frog




Houston Toad


Northern Flying Squirrel


Box Turtle




American Crocodile



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