A Patois/Jamaican expression. English Translation: Everything is just great

Ripe. When a fruit is ripe, it is time to pick it and eat it. If you say the time is ripe, then now is the time for action. Ripe means ready.

A Patois/Jamaican expression. English Translation: Everything is just great

Ripe. When a fruit is ripe, it is time to pick it and eat it. If you say the time is ripe, then now is the time for action. Ripe means ready.

Latest episode:

Episode Eleven–Jessica Sweiden (Synchronicity Earth)

In this episode we sit down and talk with the inspiring Jessica Sweiden, who is the founding director with her husband Adam Sweiden of the environmental charity organisation Synchronicity Earth. Synchronicity Earths mission statement is to – “act to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems.”

One of the key factors that makes Synchronicity Earth such a unique charity is that they frequently work along side the creative industry – Jessica explains how that came into effect and what the benefits are behind that for a charity. 

We touch on protest and activism via thoughts on the extinction rebellion and also gain a wider understanding of the palm oil industry. We talk about what biodiversity and monoculture is. And it also becomes apparent that Peter Gabriel is in fact a G.


Episode eleven tracklist:

Jessica’s track: Come Talk To Me – Peter Gabriel
Adam’s track: Ghetto Skank Dub (Dubplate) – Sleepy Time Ghost
Louis’s track: Black Voices – Tony Allen
The remix track: Come Talk To Me – Bon Iver

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A useful article about sustainable palm oil products:





Previous episodes:

Episode one – Charlotte Webster

Charlotte Webster is an artist, a curator and most importantly a friend of the planet. By day she currently is the Communications Manager for international climate change charity CDP www.cdp.net. In this podcast we talk about deforestation, how she set up human nature and the importance of artists in the sustainable business sector.

Episode one tracklist:

Charlotte’s track: Timber – Coldcut
Louis’s track: We The People – A Tribe Called Quest
Adam’s track:  Anansi – Hylu & Jago feat. Nãnci Correia
The remix track: Timber – Quant’s Shaggy Dog Story Remix

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Twitter: @humannatureart
Facebook: @humannatureshow

Episode two – David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw – a visual artist, describes himself as a mind adventurer, where the left half of the brain explores the right one. Unanswered, impulsive, instinctive and restless – in this episode we talk about mental health, climate change, the end of the world and the need to remind the world that it’s good to be happy.

Episode two tracklist:

David’s track: Do Your Thing – C.Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Louis’s track: Love and Happiness – Al Green
Adam’s track:  Rule Your Destiny – Sleepy Time Ghost feat. Ras Demo
The remix track: Do Your Thing – Leroy Sibbles

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Twitter: @dodeshillinglaw
Instagram: @davidshillinglaw


Episode three – Bex Bohea

Bex Bohea, is a mega, huge animal lover. In this episode we discuss her expertise as a documentary maker and her focus on spreading an awareness of human and animal conflict around the world. Bex is excited to create, direct, film, edit and produce a whole documentary of her own one-day soon…stay tuned.

Episode three tracklist:

Bex’s track: You Got The Love – The XX
Louis’s track: One Day Revolution – Copia Doble Systema (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
Adam’s track:  Babylon – Sleepy Time Ghost (Hylu & Jago Remix)
The remix track: You Got The Love – Florence and The Machine

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Episode four – Laura Miller

Laura at the time of recording this deep conversation was at the beginning of a new chapter in her environmentally conscious journey. Prior to which she had spent working with Synchronicity Earth, now a freelance activist and raring to create her own projects. In this podcast we discuss her interests in urban gardening, food habits, land grabs, and the impacts that the youth will have on future environmental justice.

Episode four tracklist:

Laura’s track: Young Gifted & Black – Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths
Louis’s track: Blackbird – Fat Freddy’s Drop
Adam’s track: Uplifting – Hylu & Jago feat. Galak Spiritual
The remix track: Young Gifted & Black – Prince Buster

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Episode five – Emil Walker

Emil is a world traveling documentary maker, self-taught and constantly finding new ways to explore his creative direction. Over the past couple of years Emil has become particular interested in creating environmental thinking footage, unfortunately when you travel as much as he does, you burn a lot of carbon emissions. He worked out that a vegan diet burns on average – 1.5 tones a year, a vegetarian – 1.7 tones a year, and a meat eater 3.5 tones a year and then a return flight to San Francisco is 3.2 tones. This led us to discuss lots about carbon emissions in this episode.

Episode five tracklist:

Emils’s track: Good To Be Back Home – Charles Bradley
Louis’s track: What You Say – INI
Adam’s track: Afi Get A Beating – Jah Defender
The remix track: Blues For My Baby – James Brown

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Episode Six – Charlotte Adjchavanich

Charlotte Adjchavanich has worked for The Body Shop in the UK for the last four years, at the time of our discussion The Body Shop had just merged with Natura, a Brazilian ethical and sustainable natural products company. We talk about Anita Roddick the founder of The Body Shop who started the ‘no animal testing’ campaign in the UK and EU – The Body Shop is now fighting to make a worldwide ban. Louis first met Charlotte working on a ‘Bio Bridges’ project painting a Red Shanked Douc mural in Walthamstow as part of The Body shop outreach program. We touch on Chemical vs. Natural compounds in cosmetics and micro beads too.

Episode six tracklist:

Charlotte’s track: Next Episode – Snoop Dog & Dr. Dre
Louis’s track: Chest Wide Open – Lyrics Born
Adam’s track: Wicked Land Remix by Sleepy Time Ghost – onlyjoe
The remix track: The Edge – David McCallum

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Episode Seven – Greta Francesca Iori


In this episode we learn what it means to be on the frontline of an environmental war. Greta is a freelance consultant for the illegal trafficking & poaching of wildlife; she specializes in African and particularly Ethiopian wildlife. We discuss her experiences with meeting rhino & elephant poachers and find out why there is no such thing as a quick fix to the illegal wildlife trade. We talk a lot about Ethiopia and the efforts that Greta focuses on with regards to protecting the elephant population they have. We salute Greta & her colleagues for upholding their integrity & force for good.


Episode seven tracklist:

Greta’s track: Emnete – Mulatu Astatke
Adam’s track: Play With Fire Remix by Dubkasm – onlyjoe
Louis’s track: As We Enter – Damian Marley & Nas
The remix track: Sound Of The Police Mixtape – Cut Chemist

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Instagram – @theitaliopian
Twitter – @theitaliopian


LinkedIn: http://tiny.cc/ea0qqx


Episode Eight – Dan Tsu


If lyrics are your thing and you’re a Londoner we can’t imagine you won’t have heard of the Lyrix Organix collective. Dan Tsu is an innovative curator and one of the hardest working event organiser’s in the scene. Lyrix has worked with so many, many talented artists from Ed Shearan to Kate Tempest, Rodney P to Anthony Anaxagorou, the list is expansive and highly impressive. We were super excited to welcome Dan to the ‘Lion Room’ at Unit 137 HQ for a deep and meaningful chat about trees, how much we all love them and how important it is to have a discussion about trees without sounding like a “hippy tree hugger”.

Of course we were three selectas sat around a sound system, so we also have a whole heap to say about music production, vinyl pressing and the energy zapping exercise of organising these events we all love so much…

Episode eight tracklist:

Dan’s track: Solid As A Rock – Sizzla

Adam’s track: Revolution – onlyjoe
Louis’s track: Honeycomb – Buju Banton & Beres Hammond

The remix track: Solid As A Rock Jungle Remix – Unknown (white label)

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Episode Nine – Laurence Vallières

Laurence is a Canadian cardboard artist –she makes incredibly life-like sculptures of animals in variations of sizes from life-size chimps jumping on overturned cars to oversized gorillas. Finding herself nestled within the urban contemporary art movement, she travels around the world exhibiting with galleries,but also appearing as a feature artist at mural festivals and art fairs. Having always been interested in found objects, Laurencehas naturally been attracted to using recycled cardboard. It’s widely available and very often discarded. The use of cardboard in her work is intended to echo the notions of the impermanence and fragility of nature. She hasrecently started to use recycled plastic in her work. She says –“I’m concerned about the amount of plastic polluting our waters, so I am finding ways to re-purpose this material by working it into my art. My sculptures will continue to question and reflect my views on the environment and the world around us.”
Of course we were three selectas sat around a sound system, so we also have a whole heap to say about music production, vinyl pressing and the energy zapping exercise of organising these events we all love so much…

Episode nine tracklist:

Laurences’s track: Mr.Blue Sky –Electric Light Orchestra
Adam’s track: Pressure – Hylu &Jago feat. Kosher (Ghost Writerz –Dub)
Louis’s track: Monkey Man – Toots &The Maytals
The remix track: Blue Sky – Common

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Episode Ten – Gav Lawson (THTC)

Gav Lawson started as a DJ and admirer of the plant cannabis whilst studying in Bristol many years ago – which then turned into a hemp fashion brand that we all know and love called THTC (The Hemp Trading Company).

THTC is an ethically driven clothing label. They produce eco-friendly and politically conscious street wear, made from hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton, and recycled salvage plastic fibres. Planted by the Lawson brothers back in 1999, THTC was watered with urban music, and fed with a love of life and street culture. THTC has since grown into an influential global street-wear brand, with a flourishing online community.

We sit down, drink hemp tea and talk about the music scene, the artist Mau Mau, the implications of being a pioneer eco fashion brand and of course the cannabis plant and the theories that surround its legality. Did you know that one of Henry Ford’s first cars was made of hemp plastic, the first Levis jeans were hemp and the canopy of a wagon was also made from the cannabis plant? THTC is also passionate about the environment, conservation, activism and they have invested in helping orangutans, rainforest conservation, the ocean and many other causes.

Adam also confesses to sampling (research of course) the ‘McVegan’ in a Swedish McDonalds…YIKES!

Episode ten tracklist:

Gav’s track: Scatter (There They Go) – Chinese Man
Adam’s track: Revolution (Skitz & The Sea Remix) – onlyjoe
Louis’s track: The Heist – ASM (A State of Mind)
The original track: Prison Song – Shahram Shabpareh

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Podcast manifesto…

Via open discussions and exploration into environmental issues with experts in their given field, we aim to unearth the ways that many inspiring individuals are picking their own ripened fruits.

Discussions will be across the board, including; artists, musicians, poets, scientists, chefs, curators, environmentalists, and many more.

The common thread will be one of love for the natural environment and their concerns of climate change. Each podcast features four records played in stereo format on a record player, powered by Unit 137 sound system.

One track will be selected by our guest, one by Hylu, one by Masai and then a remix or similar of our guests track.

A bit about Hylu and Masai

Hylu and Masai met over 7 years ago in London – a shared love for sound system culture and vinyl has repeatedly found the two wrestling for a way to merge their artistic talents. Sometimes to make that work you have to look outside the box. Both vegan and highly concerned about the effects of climate change and global warming, conversation often returned to discoveries of; superfoods, environmental policies and political negligence. It has been realized that the conversations had, could be of interest to others and that guests could in turn broaden their own knowledge, and so born was “All Fruits Ripe”


An innovative DJ/producer/engineer and founding director of Unit 137, a collective of progressive musicians, vocalists, producers, sound engineers, DJs, VJs, videographers and photographers drawn together by a shared passion for conscious, forward thinking bass music. Unit 137 are based in SE London (Lewisham), where their recording studiorecord label and sound system are all located.


A visual artist based in London that uses his research of endangered species as a topic of discussion to heighten the general public’s awareness of the ‘sixth mass extinction’. When not working in the studio Masai travels around the world painting murals in cities, towns and villages, these are often of locally endangered species. It has been documented that his paintings have reached out to people in ways that environmentalists and activists find hard to capture. To this effect he often works alongside scientists, and conservationists as well as environmentally thinking companies.

Unit 137 Sound System

Unit 137 sound system is a powerful hand built wooden system. The full sound system consists of eight 18” super scoops, four HD 215 kick bins and four DMT 210 tops. Powersoft & Matrix amplification is used to provide the perfect balance of warm, deep bass, and clear and crisp top end, with a well defined mid-range. The complete system has a peak output in excess of 20k watts.

© Louis Masai 2020